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Frequently askedquestionsabout sixth form

How oftenwill I attend  sixth form?

Here at Quarrydale we are a full time Sixth Form and expect our students to attend every day from 8.35am- 3pm. Sixth Form is run on a fortnightly timetable (Week A and Week B) with 5 x 60 minute lessons each day. 

Your timetable will be comprised of the following:

  • Up to 9 lessons for A Level | Up to 8 lessons Btec subjects | Up to 4 lessons  for GCSE English and Maths resits

 Your timetable will also have periods of non-contact time which should be used in a productive way. Study periods should be used to carry out independent study, research, completing assignments and practising practical elements of courses, as well as to complete enrichment activities and getting to know new faces and making new friends.

What equipment do I need  to bring?

We would recommend you bring pens, paper and a folder for taking notes.  Subject teachers will give you more information about any other equipment needed when you attend your first lessons and will provide subject specific resources.

Can I apply after the deadline?

The deadline for applications in Friday 27thth November through the online application process. Applicants who miss this deadline will still be able to apply, but will need to contact

Can I change my  course choices?

The process by which you have chosen your courses will have been a long and thorough one, however, we are well aware that for some of you, there may be a valid reason for needing to change subjects. Within the first two weeks of the year, changing subjects is possible but you will be expected to justify your reasons for making the change and catch up with any work you have missed. It is not possible to change subjects at a later stage in the year due to the amount of subject content that will have already been delivered, however, we are always happy to discuss your options. It is possible for students taking four subjects to drop a subject and continue to study three but this will need to be discussed with Miss Straw or Mr West.

What if I do not get the required grades  for my choices?

When you come to your first day interview, you will have the chance to discuss your results and your course choices with a member of the Post 16 team.  If they feel your grades indicate that you wouldn’t be able to cope with your preferred courses, they will try to offer you alternatives that will enable you to progress successfully. We are also around on GCSE results day to discuss this and are contactable throughout the summer via

Are there any preperation resources I  can access?

You can access transition tasks for all subjects on the school Sharepoint. Each Level Three subject will upload tasks to the Y12 folder, in a file titled ‘New Y12 Transition’. Once a teacher is aware you are interested in studying their course, they will also be in touch with you before the summer,

When will I be able to see my timetable?

All students are interviewed on the first day of term by a member of the Post 16 team to make sure they are happy with their subject choices and ready for the year ahead. Your timetable will be provided on the first day of term once we have confirmed your choices.

How do I update my contact  details?

If you move house or change your mobile or email address, please let us know so that we can make sure you stay informed.  You can let us know your new details via or via the main school reception.

Will I be able to  resit GCSES?

Students who do not pass GCSE Maths and/or GCSE English Language will be enrolled on these courses and will study these alongside their Level Three course choices.  

Is there a dress  code?

In the sixth form you will be expected to dress sensibly and in a respectful manner, maintaining a smart and appropriate appearance that would be acceptable to staff and pupils. Further details can be found in the Sixth Form handbook and on the school website.

A-Levels/Btec Level Three Qualifications Information

Whereas GCSEs are about breadth, A-Levels and Level Three qualifications are more about depth. This is to help equip you for the level of study you’d be doing in higher education.

When you are choosing A-Levels/Btecs, think about some of these questions:

  • Do I know the full range of options at 16+?
  • Why do I want to do A-Levels/Btec Level Three qualifications?
  • How can I do well at them?
  • What subjects should I take?
  • Should I study at School or College?
See below
The three most important criteria for choosing subjects are:

What qualifications/subjects do you need for your future progression, what are you likely to be good at, and what are you likely to enjoy?

Some subjects are available that you won’t have come across previously at school – find out about them before you make your decisions.

Many degree, diploma and training courses require certain A-Level grades or alternative equivalent, such as Btec Level Three qualifications.

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