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Head of Department L Walton

What will the subject enable me to do?

Business Studies will enable you to work independently and with others, problem solve and explore issues relating to social and economic changes. You will learn the theory behind setting up a business along with the different type of business ownerships available. You will get the opportunity to ask questions and find your own answers through market research. You will discover how to structure your understanding and develop structured responses to exam questions. It will encourage you to watch what is happening in the news and in the economy and develop your own answers as to the cause of it.

Key Stage 4

Students will study Edexcel GCSE Business Studies.



Main theory for the course:

  1. Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  2. Business Opportunities
  3. Business Ideas
  4. Making Businesses Effective
  5. External Business Influences

50 %


1.5 Hour Exam


Main theory for the course:

  1. Business Growth
  2. Marketing
  3. Business Operations
  4. Finance
  5. Human Resources

50 %


1.5 Hour Exam


Homework and support

Homework will be set via Epraise and will comprise of theory revision and exam questions. Students will be given a formal assessment at the end of each sub-topic.


Key Stage 5

Students will study BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business.


Unit 1 – Exploring Businesses

  1. Explore features of different businesses and analyse what makes them successful
  2. Investigate how businesses are organised
  3. Examine the environment in which they operate
  4. Examine business markets
  5. Investigate the role and contribution of innovation and enterprise to business success

Internal Assignment

Unit 2 – Developing a Marketing Campaign

The set task changes every year. Total marks available = 70.

There are 2 sections to the task:

  1. (2 hours) Students review research that has been conducted into a particular market/industry and familiarise themselves with it.
  2. (3 hours) to use the research collected in A and devise a marketing campaign that would be suitable for the set task.

2 documents required to be submitted are:

  1. A rationale for a marketing campaign
  2. A budgeted plan for the marketing campaign

External Controlled Assessment Task

Unit 3 – Personal & Business Finance

  1. Understand the importance of managing personal finance
  2. Explore the personal finance sector
  3. Understand the purpose of accounting
  4. Select and evaluate different sources of business finance
  5. Break-even and cash flow forecasts
  6. Complete statements of comprehensive income and financial position and evaluate a businesses performance

External 1.5 Hour Exam

Unit 8 – Recruitment & Selection Process

  1. Examine how effective selection and recruitment contribute to business success
  2. Undertake a recruitment activity to demonstrate the process leading to a successful job offer
  3. Reflect on the recruitment and selection process and your individual performance

Internal Assignment

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