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Key features of the course

A-Level Drama and Theatre offers students the opportunity to explore drama as a practical art form in which ideas and meaning are communicated to an audience through choices of form, style and convention.


Students will:

  • Create, perform and respond to drama and theatre
  • Develop the creativity and independence to become effective theatre makers
  • Explore the relationship between theory and practice in a range of theatrical styles and periods and historical, social and cultural context
  • Learn how relevant research, independent thought and analysis of live theatre production can inform decision making in their practical work and put this understanding into practice
  • Experience the ways in which theatre makers collaborate to create theatre.



In Year 12, you will study Component One in which you will study and explore practically two set plays enhancing your knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre. You will also have a trip to watch a live theatre performance in order to learn how to analyse and evaluate the work of live theatre makers. (This will all contribute to your written exam in year 13).

Along with this, you will study Component Two which is a process of creating devised drama, performance of devised drama along with a written working notebook.


In Year 13, the focus will be on Component 3 where you will practically explore and interpret three extracts, each from a different play. You will then perform extract 3 applying the methodologies of one prescribed practitioner. Along with this you will be required to write a reflective report analysing and evaluating theatrical interpretation of all three extracts. 

The final term will be a return to Component One in which you will pull on learnt knowledge from year 12 to revise for your written exam.

In this section

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Minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 4 including English Language at a minimum grade 5. 

Ability to perform in front of an audience.

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What could this course
lead on to?

Higher education institutions helped to develop the Drama and Theatre specification so value and respect the skills drama and theatre qualifications give students as it prepares them for university.


Drama students are found in many walks of life but usually in a career that centres on working within the arts industry.


This could be as an Actor, Director, Stage Manager, Theatre Manager, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, Sound Designer, Set Designer and many more roles besides these. 


This A-Level can also lead to a teaching career in drama or performing Arts.


Drama has many transferable skills and will allow you to develop your analytical and collaborative learning skills; all vital for progression to Higher Education and employment. It will also make you stand out in an interview as your confidence will grow immensely during the course as will your communication skills.

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Future prospects
and careers

The course will support access to degree courses in Drama or Theatre Studies. Possibly leading to one of the career areas listed above.

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What type of student is this
course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in understanding Drama and Theatre. We look into the theories of practitioners and then in performance we apply those theories learnt. The course requires an inquiring and imaginative mind and an interest in the theatre, as being able to apply your imagination and knowledge to the components learnt is a crucial skill. Drama students need to be highly literate as there is a lot of reading, research and writing involved.


Drama complements other subjects such as Music, Dance, Art and Health & Social Care.


It is important to understand the assessment structure of the course. What percent are the units ? Are they internally or externally assessed ? Are they exams or coursework?
  • Drama and Theatre
  • 3hr Written exam
  • 80 Marks
  • 40% of A-Level
  • Creating Original Drama
  • Working Notebook (40 marks)
  • Devised Performance (20 marks)
  • 60 Marks
  • 30% of A-level
  • Making Theatre
  • Performance of Extract 3 (40 marks)
  • Reflective Report (20 Marks)
  • 60 Marks
  • 30% of A-Level
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