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Key features of the course

During this course, you will read and listen to authentic French language materials and will study aspects of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of a country where French is spoken. You will have opportunities to develop your understanding and awareness of spiritual, moral, ethical, environmental, health and European issues.  You will extend and develop your knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary of French and will use this to speak, write, read and listen to the language.  In addition, you will learn how to:


  • be an effective communicator
  • speak and write French in a range of different situations and for different purposes
  • use French to express facts and ideas
  • use French to present explanations, opinions and information.
  • develop an argument and to analyse and evaluate, in speech and in writing.


General topic areas include:

  • Aspects of French-speaking society: current trends
  • Political and artistic culture
  • Artistic culture in the French-speaking world
Aspects of political life in the French-speaking world

In this section

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Minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 4, including English and Maths, and at least a Grade 6 in French.

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What could this course
lead on to?

If you’re planning on continuing onto higher education after school, then your knowledge of French will give you the opportunity to take a gap year in various French-speaking countries across the world.

With France being one of the UK’s largest European trading partners, French can provide you with a number of career opportunities. The British Council sees French to be a big asset to UK companies, and post-Brexit it’s likely to continue to grow in importance.

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Future prospects
and careers

Many employers rate language undergraduates due their diverse skills and attributes.  Careers where having good knowledge of a foreign language include:

Teaching, translating, marketing, business, fashion, car manufacturing, travel and tourism, public relations, civil service.
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What type of student is this
course suitable for?

It goes without saying that French A-Level is for students who have a love of learning languages and about other cultures.  It requires good communication skills; students need to have a good level of literacy as there is a lot of reading and essay writing involved, along with learning about the mechanics of both English and French. Furthermore, this subject requires good memory skills and logic.


Learning a language at A-Level can broaden option choices at post-16 as it requires many different skills and can complement so many other subjects.  If you’re interested in studying subjects such as Philosophy, Theatre or Literature at university level, having knowledge of the French language can be be beneficial, given its historical associations with these subjects.  French also complements subjects such as Maths, Science or Business.


It is suitable for those who wish to pursue French at university or those who would like to work for companies with international links and who perhaps would one day like to work abroad.


It is important to understand the assessment structure of the course. What percent are the units ? Are they internally or externally assessed ? Are they exams or coursework?
Unit 1
  • Paper 1: Listening, reading and writing
  • Written exam (50% of overall grade) 2hr30
Unit 2
  • Paper 2: Writing on 1 set text and 1 film
  • Written exam (20% of overall grade) 2hr
Unit 3
  • Paper 3: Speaking exam
  • Speaking exam (30% of overall grade) approx. 20 mins
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