Sixth Form Course Information

Level 3 Extended certificate Health and Social Care

Course Details

Awarding Body: Pearson

58% of this course is assessed through external examination. (Units 1 &2)

42% of this course is evaluated via internal controlled assessment. (Units 5 & 14)

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Key features of the course

In Year 12 you will cover aspects of human growth and development through the different life stages. This will serve as an introduction to health and social care needs You will be assessed externally through a 90 minute examination.


Later in the same year you will learn about a variety of physiological disorders and how these  impact on the health and well-being of service users.


Year 13 will see you looking at the range of roles and general responsibilities of people who work in health and social care settings. Here you will learn about the organisations that provide services in this sector, and the different settings in which these services are delivered according to the needs of the service user. You will find out about the ways these services are provided and about the barriers that can prevent people from getting the services they need. This, too, is assessed by a 90 minute external examination.


Finally, you will you will learn about the values and principles of meeting care and support needs and look at some of the ethical issues that arise when personalising care.

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Minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 4 including English Language.

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What could this course
lead on to?

This qualification is designed to support progression to higher education or employment. The following careers have their roots in Health and Social Care: Nursing (Adult, Children, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities)/Midwifery

Social Work/Social Care Work,

Primary School Teaching,

Children and Young Peoples Workforce, or

Allied Health professions e.g. Occupational Therapy.

These careers require the transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, research and analysis, which are valued in both higher education and the workplace and are developed throughout this course.

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Future prospects
and careers

This course will support access to a variety of degree courses including, but not exclusively:


BSc (Hons) in Nursing

BA (Hons) in Primary Education

BSc (Hons) in Social Work
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What type of student is this
course suitable for?

Do you want to work with people? Do you want to provide physical, intellectual, emotional and/or social support to help people live their lives? You will need the ability to build relationships with patients and service users. It is essential that people trust you, and therefore patience, friendliness and fantastic communication skills are needed. Health & Social Care complements subjects such as Sociology, Psychology and Criminology.


It is important to understand the assessment structure of the course. What percent are the units ? Are they internally or externally assessed ? Are they exams or coursework?
Unit One
  • Human Lifestyle and Development
  • Examination
Unit Two
  • Working in Health and Social Care
  • Examination
Unit Five
  • Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs
  • Controlled Assessment
Unit Fourteen
  • Physiological Disorders and their care
  • Controlled Assessment
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