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Welcome to the "Options Process"

Watch an introduction to the options process from Mr Holmes

Blue Pathway

French must be taken,then  History OR Geography, 1 Choice from BLOCK A and 1 Choice from BLOCK B

Green Pathway

History OR Geography, 1 Choice from the BTEC Block,  1 Choice from BLOCK A and 1 Choice from BLOCK B

Yellow Pathway

History OR Geography, 1 Choice from the BTEC Block,  1 Choice from BLOCK A and Lifeskills

Welcome messages for students

Mr Paling Head Teacher

Mr Paling
Head Teacher

This booklet has been created to help you choose courses you will enjoy studying, subjects that will help you achieve your potential and realise your dreams for the future.


Dear Parent/Carer and Student,

Your child has now reached an exciting and important stage in their education where they must make their option choices. In order to assist you and them in making these choices we have put together an online system and this Options Booklet. This booklet has been created to help you choose courses you will enjoy studying, subjects that will help you achieve your potential and realise your dreams for the future.

Students have an element of choice in their Key Stage 4 programme of study. They have experienced a range of subjects at Key Stage 3 and are now in a position to make certain option choices. Choices made at this stage may have a bearing on the subjects that will be available to them at Sixth Form level and students also need to think about career pathways.

In Key Stage 4 (KS4) all students will study Maths, English, Science, PE and Morals and Ethics. There are then three different option pathways: Blue, Green and Yellow. Students on these pathways will have a slightly different curriculum adapted to suit their needs. These are explained on the next page.

We want all students to enjoy learning and hope they choose courses that are suited to them and their ambitions. All courses have examinations and elements that are compulsory. Whatever subjects are chosen, additional work and study outside the classroom will be required. If you give 100% then you they will enjoy and achieve great success.

Regular attendance is vital to your achievement. Research has shown that if you attend less than 95% of the time, you are likely to lose out on the high grades that you are capable of achieving, as well as struggling to complete course requirements.

We aim to provide as much flexibility as possible within the Key Stage 4 curriculum. Please bear in mind, however, that although we strive to give every student their ideal choice of subjects, in some cases, we will not be able to do so. Classes are limited by considerations such as room size (or the demand for specialist rooms) and staffing availability. This is the case in all schools. The final curriculum structure will be based on student choices and, although this is a complicated process, we are confident that all students will follow a programme of study that is appropriate to them and gives them the opportunity to access the next stage of their education.

We hope that you and your child find this booklet helpful and we look forward to receiving your option choices. If you require any further information at this point, then please do not hesitate to contact Mr P Holmes (i/c KS4 Options)

The KS4 curriculum at Quarrydale will be highly enjoyable, purposeful and designed to help you achieve. Your teachers will challenge you to attain your very best, and will support you every step of the way. I hope you will enjoy this wide variety of curriculum experiences and choose wisely.

I wish your child every success.


Mr T. J. Paling

Head teacher


What are the steps for applying?

Read through the introductory information
  • Look on the options website

  • Look at each of the subjects (even ones you did not think about taking before!)

  • Look at the type of course and the assessment

Subject Specific Information

Art and Design

GCSE 9-1

Computer Science

GCSE 9-1


GCSE 9-1

Food and Nutrition

GCSE 9-1

Hospitality and Catering

BTEC Pass to Distinction*


Rock School or GCSE


Biology | Chemistry | Physics

Art and Design

BTEC Pass-Distinction*


Level 2 Vocational Award

English language

GCSE 9-1


GCSE 9-1

Information Technology

BTEC Pass to Distinction*


GCSE 9-1


GCSE Grade 9-1


GCSE 9-1


GCSE 9-1

English Literature

GCSE 9-1

Health & Social Care

BTEC Pass-Distinction*


GCSE 9-1

Physical Education

GCSE 9-1


BTEC Pass to Distinction*

Business Studies

GCSE 9-1

Design and Technology

GCSE 9-1


GCSE 9-1


GCSE 9-1

Media Studies

GCSE 9-1


GCSE 9-1

Religious Studies

GCSE 9-1

Commonly askedunknownrequestedquestions and answers

Commonly asked questions to help you decide

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How should I submit my option choices?

You should submit your subject choices by completing the form and submitting it online

Why have I been allocated a pathway?

The rationale by the learning pathways has been explained within the introductory message from the Headteacher, Mr Paling. The allocated pathway is the one we think best suits you as a learner.

Why do I have to choose reserve option subjects?

We are offering subjects that best suits your needs as students and that makes use of staff expertise in their subject specialisms. Occasionally, there may not be enough interest in a subject for it to run viably. Sometimes there are too many students.

Why are some subjects compulsory?

There are a number of subjects that the government state that all students should study at Key Stage 4 e.g. English Language, Mathematics. There are also additional subjects that the government recommend are studied by the majority of pupils at Key Stage 4 e.g. History or Geography and French. Together with Science, these subjects are known as the EBACC subjects

Is it too early to consider subjects  at post-16 or University level?

No. The advice is to choose a broad range of subjects that will not restrict your options later in life.

Where do I find  the options  form?

The options form will be sent automatically to your school email address once you have signed up for the options process.

Can I change  option  pathways?

A significant amount of time has been spent considering the best pathway for you. The pathway allocated allows you to reach your potential across a range of subjects, but at the same time enables an appropriate level of support within your KS4 studies.

When will my  options be  confirmed?

You will immediately receive an email detailing your option choices. These choices will be confirmed in June.

Are any subject combinations  prohibited?

Yes. You must NOT choose BTEC Sport and GCSE PE. Likewise, you must NOT choose BTEC Art and GCSE Art. You will also not be able to study two subjects from the same option block.

What do I need to consider when making my option   choices?

Students normally choose subjects based on what they enjoy and what they are good at. Furthermore, you should think about which career path you might wish to take. DO NOT make choices based on either what your friends may choose or the teacher of that subject. All subjects have detailed information about the course content, the skills required and career ideas

Any other questions can be posted at the bottom of the options form or directed to myself, Mr Holmes: I will forward subject specific queries to the appropriate member of staff.

Careers information

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