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Key features of the course

The course seeks to develop knowledge of specific areas of sociological study and at the same time develop knowledge of sociological theory and methods.  This requires you to be able to examine specific areas in depth and be able to have an overview of how theory and methods may apply to a variety of areas.


Year 12 will consist of an overview of key sociological knowledge and theoretical frameworks, a study in depth of family and households and finally a study of education placed within the context of theory and methods.


Year 13 will consist of a more in depth examination of theory and methods leading on to the study of crime and deviance.  The final unit will be one of either a depth study into Beliefs in Society or The Media (depending on group preferences/area of interest).

In this section

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Minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 4 with at least a  grade 6 in English Language and another written based subject.

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What could this course
lead on to?

Sociology students are found in many walks of life but usually in a career that centres on working with people.  Having A Level Sociology can open the door to gaining a degree in sociology, business, nursing, policing, humanities, social science, teaching degree, social work,  politics, ethics, philosophy, advertising, media studies, cinema studies and journalism.

 Sociology has many transferable skills and will allow you to develop your critical reasoning, debating, analytical and collaborative learning skills; all vital for progression to Higher Education and employment.

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Future prospects
and careers

The course will support access to degree courses in a wide range of subjects as listed above and as such will open doors into a wide range of professions and careers, ranging from a social worker to a journalist.  In short any career which involves working with, and supporting people would be open to you.

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What type of student is this
course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in understanding society and people. It requires an inquiring and critical mind and an interest in current affairs, as being able to apply your knowledge to the real world is a crucial skill. Sociology students need to be highly literate as there is a lot of reading and essay writing involved.


Sociology complements other subjects such as Criminology, Psychology and Health & Social Care


It is important to understand the assessment structure of the course. What percent are the units ? Are they internally or externally assessed ? Are they exams or coursework?
Paper 1
  • Education with Theory and Methods
  • 2 hour External Examination (33.3% of overall grade)
Paper 2
  • Topics in Sociology
  • 2 hour External Examination (33.3.% of overall grade)
Paper 3
  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods
  • 2 hour External Examination (33.3.% of overall grade)
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